Yann de Cambourg

Yann de Cambourg

Synodis, France


Yann de Cambourg  is co-founder of Synodis, an innovative player in the healthcare sector based in Paris, France. Yann has developped expertise as a facilitator and accelerator in business transformation projects with a focus on Interoperability and Data sharing ; helping healthcare actors enter the patient data centric ecosystem.


What is the role of the patient, in the framework of his/her medical care? One of the illustrations of the development of the role of the patient is the structured coordination of the Common Cancer Record used in cancer care. In this context, when the disease is declared, a personalized care plan is established, and this plan can evolve ! This is an example of the fundamental change in the role of the patient, who becomes an actor of his own medical care with the support and advice of physicians.

Moreover in the coming years, improvements will come from genetic inheritance and lifestyle. Collecting patient data will be a necessay step ; patient consents will have to be managed. New skills will prevail around IOT or AI. The relations between actors is evolving  : patient, citizen, physicians, EHR, ...

The physician is a connection between the Hospital and the outside world, with relations with town medical care (the patient physician), laboratories (medical, investigation, research), and peers (research, publications, etc).

Currently, the gap between the city and the hospital is being filled, partly through the development of outpatient care. This development is actually a major change of the role of health care institutions, which goes from being curative to being simple stage in the life journey. Physicians are positioned as coordinators of the course of care, but actually a whole chain of practitioners is involved in dealing with the patient.