Luciana Lot

Luciana Lot

University of Campinas, Barcelona


RN Luciana Teixeira Lot  has been Graduated from University of Campinas, in Brazil, on 2003. With the specialties including Public Policies Management, Improvements in Health Care and Diploma in MBA Health Care Management. Later on she obtained her post-graduation from University of Campinas with subjects Implementation of Lean healthcare methodology in public health services and then started working at Liver Transplant Outpatient clinics, where she has continued her research. Presently she has been working at the at the Campinas University Hospital.

Luciana Lot, From Brazil Registered Nurse since 2003 Specialist in Intensive Care Unit MBA in Health Services Management Specialization in Public Management and Government by the Economic Institute of the University of Campinas, Master Degree candidate in Improvements in Health Care Services. Acting as a Registered Nurse in Pediatric and Oncology Intensive Care Unit, Bone Marrow Transplant, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, and currently in a Outpatient Liver Transplant Unit, with emphasis on Nursing and Public Management. Speaker and Researcher of the Health Management and Innovation Group at University of Campinas, which was voted the best university in Latin America by the British publication Times Higher Education (THE). THE is known for the evaluation of international higher education institutions. Successful work carried out in the segment of continuous improvement in public health and reduction of patient waiting time.


All healthcare systems face the same challenge: improve quality of patient care, increase the number of patients served and reduce costs and waiting times. Lean Healthcare is a management methodology that takes no more than few hours of observation on the front lines to uncover opportunities for improvement. These study was focused on the patient waiting time and health care environmental and aims to address problems at patient flow and the reasons behind long wait times in a public Liver Transplant outpatient clinic at an education and research hospital, using Lean Healthcare theories.

The project is to improve the liver transplant patient's journey using Lean Healthcare tools. The project was guided by A3 thinking, a visual and simple methodology to follow up on an improvement project (one of the Lean tools). After the Value Stream Mapping, we identified 3 initial improvement opportunities that were implemented. However, we intend to continually improve the patient's experience through the Lean methodology. So far, we have been able to reduce the waiting time by 4:30 and improve the "complete correct" phase of the process by 50%. Such improvements have helped not only patients, who wait less, but also reduced rework waste and improved employee relationships. It is important to emphasize that the use of the Lean methodology aid in the team learning process for continuous improvement and culture change.