David Fernandez

David Fernandez

Aribau 185, Barcelona, Spain


IT Engineer by the Universitat Autonoma Barcelona, expert in eHealth and chronic patient management models. Since 2015, General Manager for DomusVi Healthcare (DomusVi Spain), previously Business Development Manager at SARquavitae since 2011. He developped his career from the consulting area, where he workd as a Manager in the big brands such as PriceWaterhouseCoopers, ArthurAndersen and BearingPoint, where he developed several projects in the health sector. Some successful examples: Chronicity Strategy in Euskadi (Osakidetza) with Accenture, HCE deployment in Murcia Health Service with Siemens, IT Strategic Plan Hospital Sant Pau Barcelona with PwC.


The rotation of the population pyramid, the greater knowledge and control of the chronic pathologies of the population and the greater accessibility to the available health care resources, have been the determining factors for DomusVi in the creation of programs aimed at patients with chronic conditions.
The objective of these programs is to maintain the state of health and preserve the quality of life of patients, regardless of the stage of the chronic disease (simple, risk, complex, palliative), adapting and rationalizing the use of resources assistance.
The base is a comprehensive home care program, in which a team of health professionals provides continuous and personalized assistance to the patient in their own home. Home care strengthens the patient's autonomy in making decisions regarding their therapeutic process and allows flexibility in the application of care protocols, since the actions are constantly adapted to the needs of patients.
DomusVi’s teams put at the service of the patient all the human and technical means necessary to continue with the healthcare process in their usual environment.
Home health care is also very effective for organizations, since it allows healthcare professionals and managers to obtain a better understanding of the patient's living conditions and their needs, facilitates the implementation of individualized preventive measures and generates a lower resource consumption.
To be assisted within the framework of a home health care program, patients must meet a series of specific requirements that guarantee that assistance is provided in conditions of safety and therapeutic effectiveness.
The home health care program for chronic patients is aimed at patients with chronic disease /s diagnosed or who have required 2 or more hospital admissions in the last year, directly related to chronic underlying disease.
The DomusVi healthcare model is designed to provide individualized attention focused on the needs and therapeutic preferences of the patient and their carer environment:
1. Team of professionals that values the patient's needs, health and social, raises the different care alternatives and guides in making decisions.
2. Accompaniment and follow-up of patients throughout the chronic disease process with a permanent health education that favors better control and knowledge of their chronic condition.
3. Service platform to ensure continuity of care: 24x7 Contact Center.
4. Coordination with different levels of health care: own (DomusVi) / public / private with the aim of providing security to the patient and his family.
5. Case management model within the framework of the DomusVi Comprehensive Care System for Chronic Patients: proactive approach, less consumption of resources, greater adequacy of services and efficiency of care. It encourages the patient to participate in making decisions regarding their care process.
The healthcare model for DomusVi chronic patients is articulated on the basis of health teams composed of doctors and nurses, with the possibility of integrating other professionals
according to the needs (physiotherapist, psychologist, nutritionist, occupational therapist, social worker, etc.)