Policy Wisdom was founded in 2010 with the ambitious goal of playing a role in every worldwide public health initiative. We have become a key partner to organizations, companies, and governments, and have completed numerous projects across the world that are directed toward seeking access for products and services that are beneficial to the well-being of individuals and society, and that encourage and accelerate innovation that improves the quality of life.
Climax Recruitment strives in providing professional recruitment solutions in the Middle East from its bustling heart, Cairo, Egypt. With distinct recruitment units within the firm, specialised services are offered within the fields of healthcare, construction and contracting, industrial engineering, energy and utilities, chemicals, automotive, FMCG, banking as well as hospitality services.
The NAET Training Institute was set up by Helen Bowman in January 2017 after the closure of NAET Europe, in order to support NAET practitioners and patients. This Institute is approved by Dr Devi Nambudripad, for practical training in accordance with the www.naet.com listing and certification. Advanced courses, which are not associated with the www.naet.com site, are offered as well which are available to trained NAET practitioners and others. Helen has been involved in NAET since 2002. She had a teaching career all her life, teaching in university, the pharmaceutical industry, in hospitals and GP surgeries.
Fine Treatment offers some of the best health products in the world. Our proprietary Thermobalancing therapy is a self-governing treatment unique in its power to treat chronic internal diseases. Invented by Dr. Simon Allen, the exclusive therapeutic devices provide an extremely effective natural treatment for various internal chronic diseases. And best of all, the therapy is free from any side effects. Dr. Allen’s Devices help to improve the condition of the affected organs, support general helth and well-being ultimately stimulating longevity.
Rethinking Medical Exchange. Idonia is a cloud service that guarantees security in access, communication and portability of medical records and images, between medical professionals and the patient. A platform that connects different systems and offers a secure repository for images, documents and other medical records. The ease of exchange and interconnection allow the visualization of medical tests and images and easy sharing between medical centers, professionals and patients. No more CD to exchange or deliver medical images, secure, PACS integration, one click teleradiology, clinical collaboration, Cloud service, personalized, secure and certified, Powerful multidevice DICOM viewer.