Healthcare and Environmental Health

It is the branch of Healthcare which is dealing with the discovery of the environmental exposures that protect against injuries, illnesses, disabilities, and identification of public health and healthcare actions to prevent the risks associated with harmful exposures.  Using an Health approach, we can handle population-based research that integrate state-of art exposure and outcome estimate to evaluate the act of the environment in disease, disability, and other health problems and to develop technique for disease prevention and control.

Session includes following sub tracks:

Healthcare and Ecology, Healthcare and Occupational Health, Healthcare and Respiratory Diseases, Healthcare and Risk Management

Upcoming Top Primary Care Conferences

Conference on Occupational Health and Safety, May 28-29, 2018, London, UK, Congress on Nursing Education and Research, April 16-18, 2018, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Conference on Family Medicine and Primary Care, February 22-24, 2018, Paris, FranceConference on Nursing and Midwifery, November 13-15, 2018, London, UK